Coffee Brewing Methods: The AEROPRESS

There are many methods of brewing coffee. the most widely used is the drip machine of course. Although you can make a great cup of coffee from a drip machine, you have to have a machine and have it plugged in and all the other nuisances that go with drip coffee. If a fast, convenient, and single cup of coffee is what you are looking to brew, than the AEROPRESS is a great piece of equipment to use. The AEROPRESS by Aerobie involves using a paper filter on a cap and adding ground coffee and hot water within a cylinder to allow the coffee to brew. After seep time, you then push the plunger over your mug, and VOILA! You have a fresh, hot, and delicious cup of coffee within minutes. The Aeropress coffee maker really allows you to get the most out of your coffee beans because it gives you control of factors such as water temperature and seep time. This will result in a less acidic and more flavorful cup of coffee than would a drip machine. The Aeropress is also very travel friendly and can easily be disassembled and stored, so you can take your coffee with you anywhere you go! A recommended recipe for brewing coffee with an AeroPress is: 15g of your favorite coffee beans (Caveman Coffee White Gold coffee is AMAZING when brewed in an Aeropress), with 400g of boiling water and a brewing time of about 90 seconds, then enjoy your amazing coffee! You can find Aerobie’s AEROPRESS at your favorite local coffee shop or visit and get your brew on!