It's Our 2-Year Anniversary!

Today marks a very special day for the Caveman Coffee Cave. It is the two year anniversary since the Cave first opened. It has come a long way since it's humble beginnings as the “Butter Cafe” coffee table inside of Undisputed Fitness. The Cave began because we wanted to start a cool and hip place for you to come in, hang out, enjoy the good vibes, and of course drink a delicious cup of coffee. But there was a deeper reason it all started. We wanted to provide you with the highest grade, sustainably sourced products and practices, but also wanted to help you “pirate your life back”. What does that mean you ask? We wanted you to live the healthiest and most vibrant life possible, and never accept “average”. We did this through something that we all love, and that is coffee. None of this could be possible without you pirates and cavemen/women out there. Thank you very much for the support and waiving the Pirate Flag strong!



(Photo Cred: Santa Fe New Mexican)