Nitrogen Added to Coffee

Nitrogen is an odorless gas that we add to cold brewed coffee. It makes for the smoothest, cup of coffee that you have ever had. Nitro has taken the specialty coffee world by storm. Nitrogen is infused with the keg of cold brew coffee and then dispensed through a tap. When pouring a cup of nitro coffee, it fizzles and creates a foamy head with the look of a stout beer, sans the alcohol of course. You can even find nitro coffee in ready-to-go cans. With the nitrogen infused, you’ll get a stronger, yet sweeter cup of coffee without the added creamers or sugars. The nitrogen not only creates the fine taste and texture, but it also helps with caffeine absorption.  You can drink nitro cold brew on it’s own, or over ice and blended with MCT oil for a one heck of a coffee experience!

Luis CastilloComment