Cold Brew Coffee vs. Iced Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee is becoming increasingly popular. Coffee shops everywhere are pushing their cold brews, and with good reason. Cold brew coffee is amazing. But, what makes cold brew coffee any different than iced coffee? Cold brew coffee is coffee that is brewed in cold water over a long period of time, usually 12 to 24 hours. This brewing process will result in a coffee that is very smooth, flavorful, and refreshing. Some are even being infused with nitrogen, for a extra bubbly delight! The longer steeping time will keep the acidity content very low and depending on the recipe, the caffeine content much higher than that of hot coffee. Iced coffee will generally go through two different brew processes, and thus goes through two chemical changes: the first is during the initial hot brew process and the second during the cooling period. That is why often times traditionally brewed coffee can be more bitter. Of course other factors that can influence the way your coffee tastes is the roast of the coffee bean, temperature control, and the specific recipe. Next time you visit your favorite local coffee shop, try their cold brew and compare it to their traditional iced coffee. See for yourself what all the fuss is about and why cold brew coffee is the best choice for you when looking for a refreshing cold coffee drink!