The New Skinny On Cholesterol

You have probably heard it before, “cholesterol is bad for you,” and “don’t eat fatty foods because they can raise your cholesterol” As it turns out, science has shown us that is not the case. There are two kinds of cholesterol: high-density lipids(HDL), and low-density lipids(LDL). HDL’s are considered “good” for you, while LDL’s are considered “bad” for you, but having both is important for your body to function properly. Your body needs cholesterol to produce certain hormones and to help metabolize vitamins like vitamin A, D, E, and K, and other important functions. Your body does have the ability to produce it’s own cholesterol but, it is also necessary to obtain dietary cholesterol. This is important because recent studies have shown that dietary cholesterol is actually very good for you. It can reduce or even stop inflammation, support your immune system, and prevent blood from clotting. Ideally, you do want to have a higher number of HDL’s than LDL’s. Some great food sources that can help maintain healthy levels of HDL’s include fish oil, coconut oil, and of course, GRASSFED BUTTER! A tablespoon a day of grassfed butter(just add some caffeine) can be a great first step in maintain those healthy HDL/LDL levels.