Single Origin in a (Coffee) Shell

The words “single origin” have been popping up in coffee shops everywhere, but what does that really mean? Single origin has had many different meanings over the past few years. Single origin coffee can be loosely interpreted as coffee that is coming from a single place. Coffee roasters will often refer to their specific single origin coffee as coming from a single country or as coming from a certain region of that country. Then there is “single estate” coffee which means that the coffee is being sourced from a particular coffee farm or even section of that farm. This is generally the highest quality coffee that can be found. The tasting notes and nuances of single origin, single estate coffee can be very specific. The region, altitude and even time of day in which the coffee is harvested can result in unique coffee flavors. There is also the traditionally seen “blends”. Blends refer to coffee beans that have been taken from multiple farms, regions, or even countries and blended together. So which is better? Coffee enthusiasts will argue that a single origin, single estate coffee is best, because of its uniqueness in flavor. High quality, single origin, single estate coffees are also  higher in caffeine content as well as lower in mycotoxins. Many blends are created using some high quality beans and cheaper, lower quality beans which results in a lower caffeine content and higher in mycotoxin content. If you are a regular coffee drinker, these are important things to consider when deciding where to buy your morning coffee.